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The map is not appearing in the FamilyWhere Android application.

Here are a couple of map troubleshooting tips:

  • Allow the Map view several seconds to load new areas (onto the light grey grid) when scrolling or zooming out (just as you would with Google Maps)
  • Use the zoom in and out buttons, rather than pinching on Android 2.2 devices
  • Avoid multi-touching rapidly on Android 2.2 devices.

NOTE: On Android 2.2 devices, there is a bug in the Google Map View that drives FamilyWhere's Map screen. If your map has turned white (not grey with grid lines), and the markers have disappeared or all moved to the side of the screen, you can exit the app from the menu and immediately return to it to resolve the issue. This can be avoided in the future by avoiding using multi-touch actions on this screen (especially pinching to zoom). Google is working on a fix.

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